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Cosplayer Highlight – Moonset Cosplay

Welcome back to Cosplayer Highlight, where we delve into the creative minds of some craft-smart people who like to get dressed up, becoming a character… and they also tell us why they do what they do!

This week we’re joined by Moonset Cosplay, the partner of Lion Pride Cosplay. I’ve seen this guys works and honestly, he does some amazing cosplays from comics (Marvel/DC). Along with Rebecca, we’ve been spoilt by an incredible cosplaying duo. It’s time for us to see the other side of the coin of these two, because we’re about to see some amazing hero and villain cosplays, along with our usual hard hitting questions (that really aren’t hard hitting at all).

With all this said and done: It’s time for us to get back into the swing of things and question our next interviewee!

Cosplayer Highlight
Interview with the Cosplayer – Moonset Cosplay

Q: Welcome to GeekOut South-West. As is customary in this series, could you introduce yourself to our readers?

A: I’m Neil Whitehead, but online I’m better known as Moonset Cosplay. I’ve been cosplaying comic-book characters for just over a year now, and have recently graduated with a degree in Zoology.

Q: Cosplayers usually make and wear costumes of characters that they feel either represents themselves, they can relate to or just generally really like. Do you usually cosplay a character for a specific reason? Why do you cosplay?

A:  I usually choose my characters based on two factors: The characters that I really like, and those I think I can pull off well. So far all of my costumes have been my favourite iterations of my favourite characters, especially those that are a little unusual. For example for my Joker costume I emulated the character art from Batman: Arkham Origins as I really liked the slightly more muted dress but more unusual hair.

Q: We recently had the pleasure of interviewing your girlfriend, Rebecca Carter of Lion Pride Cosplay. What has been your involvement in cosplay so far – Is it a joint venture for you both, or do you cosplay separately?

A: Rebecca and I often spend time building our costumes together, but we try to choose the characters separately. Our Harley and Joker costumes were pretty much coincidental: I’m a big fan of the Joker and Rebecca really gelled with Harley. Often Rebecca will help me with the fiddlier parts of my costume, such as my Joker wig or the battle damage on my Winter Soldier arm, as she’s a more accomplished artist than I could ever hope to be. Conversely, I often come up with the methods for building some of our more impressive props, such as Rebecca’s Magik sword.

Q: What was your very first time in a fan convention like? Was it in costume, or were you a spectator at that point?

A: My first ever convention was MCM Expo in October 2013, where I wore an early version of my TwoFace costume. I’d made the jacket for an event a few years earlier, and it seemed like a good opportunity to improve the costume. It got quite a lot of love, and really sparked my interest in cosplay.

Q: One of our favourite questions here on Cosplayer Highlight now, especially for people we’ve never interviewed before: What costumes have you done – which have been your favourite and least favourites and why?

A: My first costume was TwoFace. A year later I built my Winter Soldier and Joker costumes in just under two weeks before Winter London Film and Comic Con 2014. I’m currently finishing up my Gambit costume in time for the summer cons.

Q: Away from cosplay now, what’s the man behind the costume like? Are you shy, are you outgoing?

A:  I’m a fairly outgoing guy with wide-ranging interests. I’m an avid kick-boxer who also loves a good comic. I’m very passionate about wildlife and conservation, and have spent a pretty large amount of my time working in conservation projects around the world.

Q: Here on GeekOut South-West, we celebrate all that is geek. What are your major geeky interests? Do you have any slightly more out there geeky interests? Have these interests influenced your life in any way you never expected?

A: My geekdom is pretty broad, and there’s not a lot of stuff I won’t try at least once. I’m very much into games of all stripes from tabletop board games to weird indie video games. I’m also a bit of a comic fan, particularly the X-men and Batman limited series. I’ve tried my hand at some more esoteric pastimes such as LARPing too.

Q: I’ve noticed that most of your characters come from the Marvel/DC Universes. Because of this you tend to go to comic conventions, or do you tend to go to a mixture of different kinds of  conventions, wherever cosplay is?

A: I’ve been to a fairly wide variety of conventions, but my favourites are undoubtedly comic cons. As I’m not really into anime, conventions where that is a major focus tend to lose me quite quickly. That said, for me the most fun part of conventions is the cosplay, so I’m almost always happy if there’s cosplayers and photographers around.

Q: I’ve been looking through your Facebook page, where you share your progress. What has been your biggest struggle to date with any aspect of cosplay? Is it the crafting, is it the knowledge, or is it the final piecing it all together? Perhaps it’s the social aspect, or perhaps you have no struggles?

A: For me the hardest part of any costume is the fine detail. I tend to have ideas where the larger sections are well within my grasp, but the intricacies of styling a wig or weathering a prop tend to cause me real problems. Luckily Rebecca is very talented at that kind of thing, so I get a lot of help.


Credit: Andrew Brown

I would like to extend my thanks to Neil for his time with us today.

So that concludes our look at this weeks’ Cosplayer Highlight. It’s a fair point that most cosplayers go for characters they really enjoy, especially if they want to have a serious page dedicated to their cosplays. Join us again next week for another interview with an incredible member of the cosplay scene! As always, leave us a comment below, over on Facebook or on Twitter.

As usual, I’d like to say a big thank you to all of the cosplay photographers for their wonderful photography. You guys help to make the cosplay scene even more exciting, with such awesome pictures of characters in the real world. From the bottom of my heart: Thanks for doing what you do. We all really appreciate it!

Special thanks to:
Moonset Cosplay
Gallagher Photography (also on Twitter!)
Shinigami Photography (also on Twitter!)
Andrew Brown


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