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Assassination Classroom

Recently, I was at Waterstones, just looking through all of the books that were available. As part of World Book Week, I thought to myself: Hey, no one said anything about reading manga during World Book Week! This manga has only recently (as of December 2014) came out to the UK, thanks to Viz Media. But how does this comic series stand out from other manga and is it worth reading?

First and foremost, as the title suggests, this is about a classroom for assassinations. Literally, they are teaching kids to become better assassins, in order to stop an alien who can travel at Mach 20. This alien is threatening to destroy Earth, but he doesn’t just want to destroy earth. The “loser” kids of class 3-E are the only ones who can know about this alien, along with the military. The alien has struck up a deal with the military – He won’t destroy the Earth until the loser kids of 3-E finish term.


3-E was where the kids who were failing school went. Unfortunately, the alien that threatened to destroy Earth in one years time was to become their teacher as part of his deal with the military. It is the responsibility of the children of class 3-E to assassinate this evil alien.

In terms of design, I think this has to be one of the most simple and effective villains I’ve seen in quite some time. A large smiling yellow face – You can’t get any more simple than that now, can you? The best part is that the character isn’t just “I want to destroy Earth”, nor is he too deep. He is a complex character that needn’t be taken too seriously. He is the best teacher the children of class 3-E have ever had, which means they grow somewhat attached to him… Even by naming him Koro-Sensei, which literally translates to teacher who cannot be killed.


The whole concept by the story writer Yūsei Matsui revolved around the concept of “kill”. As the writer says in the first book: Kill is an interesting word, which people often throw around without having any actual reason to use it. So the writer made the story of Assassination Classroom entirely around the concept of “Kill”. Simple, weirdly cute in it’s own way and a bit zany. It didn’t surprise me much to find out that Yūsei Matsui was an assistant of the artist of Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo, which as I’ve previously mentioned on this website is one of my favourite odd anime.

The anime for Assassination Classroom is out, so if you get a chance to find the manga or see the anime, please do. It seems like there’s going to be a live adaptation of Assassination Classroom coming out later this month in Japan (March 21st 2015). I’m looking forward to seeing more of the Assassination Classroom series and I’d highly recommend checking it out, if you’re into a bit of action and a whole lot of comedy.


And octopus jokes. Many octopus jokes.

Now go check out the Assassination Classroom Wiki!


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