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A while back, I decided to back a game from IndieGoGo that went under the name of Tulpa. Well, it seems that Tulpa pulled through and they sent to me a copy of the game, along with a key to get the game cheaper. Wonderful!

So how were my experiences of this game, that actually I couldn’t remember too much about? Read on!

Tulpa is an indie platform puzzler that’s visually very simplistic, but ultimately it is darkly beautiful. The game features two main characters, a girl who has to retain her sanity throughout the journey and a guy who is a supernatural being. He’s basically a ghost. This isn’t a spoiler, she basically finds him dead within the first few minutes of playing the game.

First and foremost, let me take a minute to just soak in these visuals. It’s such a minimalist style, that when you just sit back and enjoy the quality of the minimalism for what it is – You sort of forget how minimalist it is. You feel immersed in this dark world, you feel a sense of dread going through some areas of the game. Couple this with the eerie soundtrack of the game and you’ve got an incredibly atmospheric game.

Atmospheric, this is a game that keeps it simple.

Atmospheric, this is a game that keeps it simple.

Now, I’m not fully aware of what the whole story is supposed to be – It’s basically a game with lots of themes. However, according to the official IndieGoGo page, the heroine and the boy could have a dark past.

As I’ve previously mentioned, this game thrives on it being such a minimalist style. As such, the music is more just ambiance. It’s really quite chilling to listen to, even though there’s not much going on – But I like it about this game. It thrives on the simplicity and lets the feeling of dread come over whoever plays the game.

It plays really nicely. The heroine is WASD controlled, she can pull and interact with the physical world. To control the world in other supernatural ways, you play as the boy. He can interact with the world in ghostly ways, by controlling things from great distances and he is able to make machinery start. It’s a really strange mechanic which you control the boy with your mouse. I like it, as it makes it feel like the two characters are independent of one another, whilst being dependent.

The girl is unable to stray too far from the boy, so if the boy starts to move away from her too much, she’ll try to chase after him. I wonder if there’s some vested interest between the two characters?

Trippy visuals - this game is an all around strange-fest.

Trippy visuals – this game is an all around strange-fest.

It’s a simple game which impresses visually and sounds really good. I’d recommend it to anyone and as such: I’m giving you lucky readers a chance to win a copy of Tulpa. All you have to do is give me a funny caption for the below picture in the comments below, over on Facebook or on Twitter. If you tweet your response, Tweet to @GeekOutSW and say #TulpaCompetition. If you post your response on Facebook, just message our wall and say #TulpaCompetition.


Good luck!

Submission deadline: March 1st, 3pm (GMT)


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