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Meltdown London

It’s hard finding a really good geeky bar in England. If you don’t believe me, go step outside and have a look around. See if you can find some really good geeky bars near you (and tell us all about them!)

In Bristol, we don’t have many. We’ve got Kongs of King Street and The Bag of Nails for suitably geeky pubs in Bristol… and I’m sort of accidentally on purpose changing the King William Ale House into a very geeky pub. But don’t tell them that, wait until they find this website and decide to take down our Geeky Shenanigans and make us look elsewhere. I think we should trademark Geeky Shenanigans.

2015-02-06 20.53.26

In London, the capital of England, there are a few geeky bars, but I’d like to chat today about Meltdown in London. Meltdown is a pretty important geek bar for London, in that it hosts League of Legends tournaments. In case you’ve been living underneath a non-gaming rock for the past few years, League of Legends is basically the reason we have the term “eSport”, as we’ve previously discussed on this website.

Usually at Meltdown, you’ll see League of Legends being played, as well as watching the worldwide tournaments inside. But this isn’t all you get there; there’s consoles and table space for all gamers. We got ourselves quite involved in a spot of Super Street Fighter 4 over on the XBox at one point of our night out.

Concentration is key...

Concentration is key…

Needless to say, the concentration on our friends of 1001-Ups faces said it all – This wasn’t just a place to game, it was a place to show “I am the better gamer”. Whilst in Bristol we don’t have many bars with video games so freely available, we do have the Bristol Video Game Social group, so do go check them out if you’re around the South-West and looking to just play some video games. They run a seriously cool meetup there.

Other than Super Street Fighter 4, I got myself involved in some Super Smash Bros. Wii U, which was awesome as I finally had the chance to play as that creepy villager. Let me tell you now: That game is great fun! Other than that, we got into a game of Left 4 Dead 2… Which I do question how good it is on the XBox… To me it wasn’t the most intuitive on there, but ho hum!

2015-02-06 22.26.22

The drinks prices weren’t out of this world and they served them in nice big tankard-like glasses, which was awesome to me. I attended this venue before London Anime and Gaming Convention, the night before (Friday). Furthering my point that geek culture is really a unified front, I walked in dressed up as Edward Elric (Just like how Kim and Phil remembered me). When I walked in, I was approached by a guy who ran the tournament and he said “Edward Elric, are you going to London Anime and Gaming Convention then?!” I was complimented throughout the night for the costume, so clearly there is a cross over between gaming and anime!

Oh, I also bumped into and hugged a giant Panda. A typical night, no..?


Well, this was just a quick look at Meltdown in London. Do you know of any other pubs in the UK or abroad that is like this place? Have you ever been to an eSports venue or ever even knew they existed? Please share your thoughts in the comments, on Twitter or on Facebook and we’ll see you again soon!


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