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Cosplayer Highlight – TPJerematic

Welcome back once more to Cosplayer Highlight. You might have noticed this week was a two for one special – That’s because this was the one that was due last week, but we suffered a technical hitch.

The video didn’t come out as intended, so instead of wasting the slot, we figured we’d fill this week with not one, but two Cosplayer Highlight articles just for you lovely readers.

Much like the person we interviewed today, Komplex from The British Bumpkins, TPJerematic has been interviewed by us before. As he’s helped us provide some awesome pictures of cosplayers before, I thought I’d provide not an interview this time, but an update and a special thanks to TPJerematic.

A Look at the Cosplayer – TPJerematic

Mio Sakamoto

Stephen (TPJerematic) allowed me to take a few shots of his costume whilst I was at London Anime and Gaming Convention last week. The attention to detail was amazing, so thank you to Stephen who was cosplaying as Mio Sakamoto. Due to the fact he was wearing a costume where his legs were properly exposed, I feel a little bad making him sit outside with me for our catch-up and discussion.

Still, the shots came out very nice, including the purple eye he has when he lifted up the eye-patch.

As we spoke about his progress as a photographer, we learned that he is in the process of making his very own website to help showcase his works. I hope he finishes his website some time soon so we can all see the amazing cosplay work of others, as well as his various professional works.

I asked him what makes a cosplay photographer stand out from another, to which he responded with my favourite word: Passion.

Passion is what makes a cosplay photographer take awesome pictures of cosplayers – It’s not something that is a sustainable living, but it’s something that a photographer can do to build up their works. Plus with a collection of previous cosplay photographs, a cosplayer who is serious about their craft can seek out when these photographers are in the same convention as them and request their works.


Credit: TPJerematic


Stephen is at the start of his journey into professional photography and from the bottom of my heart, I hope he goes far. He’s a really dedicated photographer who is willing to chat to his fellow cosplayer and he’s very thorough about his work.

A good photographer also knows to think about things that someone like me, who just takes pictures, would not. For example: lighting, a pose, adjustment of hair – anything like that, it’s simple but it’s these finer details that makes a good photographer stand out from a photographer.

Credit: TPJerematic

Credit: TPJerematic

When I was asking him about what his next step was, he mentioned his website was key to his step forward. A professional website in which to showcase his works will make him stand above the saturated marked, which allows him to explore more than Deviant Art. I asked if he felt he had he had sort of outgrown Deviant Art, to which he explained that some people can make a seriously good living off Deviant Art alone, although he wants to explore all of the avenues he can.

He explained that a cosplayer who is serious about cosplay and wants to to get some proper pictures to showcase their work should research a photographer first. They should reach out to photographers that they feel is right, but another important point: Go with a photographer who doesn’t make you feel awkward. Just one who knows what to do and can make a photo go from just a picture to a story.

Credit: TPJerematic

Credit: TPJerematic

Stephen is going to keep attending conventions, so please look out for him if you’re at a convention at some point. He can easily be caught up with at his Twitter feed, his Facebook page and his Deviant Art account. We’ll eagerly await his website being released.

Have you ever had your picture taken by a professional photographer? What do you think makes a photographer stand out, is it their passion? Is it their technical knowledge? As always, please answer in the comments, or over on Twitter or Facebook.


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  1. Hehe, the Batman/Shark one is hilarious.


    February 16, 2015 at 10:18 am

    • I love that picture – spot on for the character :)


      February 16, 2015 at 10:19 am

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