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Pixel Kingdom

Pixel Kingdom is an indie game that you can download from the Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store, or play on Kongregate. The game is free to pick up and it can keep you entertained for hours.

This was honestly such a sweet little game and I swear it’s me who is making some serious mistakes with this game, but I was expecting so much more. Perhaps it was thanks to the big empty ??? classes, or perhaps it was the lack of content… But I played a lot of this game in my spare time, so what gives?


I got myself involved with the achievements in the hopes that doing more and more of these, as well as doing as many levels as is humanly possible before gaming fatigue sets in, would unlock more of the game… But alas, I seemed to have been mistaken.

There are cheats built into the game, although cheating in this game only really seems to speed up what you’re doing. It’s great, in that you can just go ahead and get the gold and gems needed to unlock all of the classes, but as previously mentioned it feels unfinished with a large list of “???” classes.


I’m not sure if there are or at least were further updates updates planned, but all things considered, it’s quite unfair to treat this game as unfinished in the state that I played it. So let’s treat this game as if it’s in an early access stage.

Let’s start with the positives: The graphics are wonderful and are perfectly representative of the name of the game. With simply clean pixelated characters on the screens who are pretty distinctive from one another, the game looks good and keeps to a strong graphical pixelated theme throughout.

The music, or what there is of it, is really good. I mean it doesn’t overstay its welcome, it sounds right for the theme, a nice fantasy styled theme… But that’s where the music portion of this ends. Much like the rest of the game, the music in the game lacks in variety. Same with sounds; once you’ve encountered all of the mobs and all of the maps, you have heard all of the sound.

The maps are just images, which just have three rows: Top, Middle and Bottom. These represent the three lanes that the mobs can come to attack you and your hit-points.I think the idea is you get 10 hit points to begin with and this represents your kingdom and how close to being trampled it is.

The armies you get at your disposal are useful and easily upgradable. I noticed it seems to make most sense to upgrade the Knight as soon as you get the chance to, as it hits hard. It also has a heavier knock back effect than some of the mobs, able to knock a dragon mob so far back, it goes off screen before it dies. A little bit mad.

Whilst there’s a good variety of units at your disposal, all ready to unlock, there are the questionable number of “???” units. This also applies to the items you can buy. I didn’t see any way to unlock them and considering I did over 250 waves of the arena (this took a long time), as well as over 350  levels.

It’s a shame as with the amount of levels it tells you to get through in the achievements, it could have added so much more. With repetitive game play and a lot of missing content which you can’t get from the game, it’s a shame. Have you played this game before? Have you ever played a game that started fun but ended up quite disappointing or lacking content? As always, comments below readers!


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