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Kickstarter Reflection – Men vs Cosplay

Do you remember a little while back, we did a Kickstarter Highlight post covering a calendar over on Kickstarter? The calendar featured men who do cosplaying, who are often an overlooked half of the cosplay community. The calendar would take pictures of male cosplayers as well as giving a little bit of information about them, all in a professional and highly creative photoshoot styled theme of Heroes vs Villains.

Men vs Cosplay was promoting a Calendar for 2015. The funds would go towards paying the Cosplayers photoshoots, travel to photoshoots or paying the photographers for the rights to the picture. There was a lot of preparation work behind this as you can imagine and it seems as if they had already gotten the majority of their model cosplayers picked and chosen before the campaign had begun.


The Men vs Cosplay team were already established. They had made a Men vs Cosplay calendar last year, plus they’ve also done Women vs Cosplay calendars as well. With all of these credentials behind them, they took to Kickstarter and the campaign was a success. I am pleased to announce that my copy of the Men vs Cosplay calendar has arrived in brilliant condition and I wanted to share with you all the progress.


The front cover of the Men vs Cosplay calendar - superb quality pictures inside the calendar!

As you can see, this is the calendar itself. Quite a cool looking thing, it was professionally packaged, with proper wrapping and a cardboard sleeve inside to help it stay protected in the mail packaging. Speaking of which, it arrived in a proper padded envelope, so no need to worry – This company is serious about making sure you get quality. However, I will admit: I was under the impression we were going to get this calendar before (or at the start of) the new year. It’s not a big problem however, as the calendar is for 16 months, rather than the traditional 12. The calendar also was shipped from outside of the UK to me, so it’s no wonder it took a little longer than anticipated.

The photographs are fantastic quality and the hand picked cosplayers are spectacular. It’s awesome being able to read the little bits of information that comes with the cosplayers pages too. One of the cosplayers is Bristols very own Andy Valentine – So consider us some proud Bristol-based cosplayers.


Andy Valentine as one of the cosplayers featured in the calendar

As well as the calendar, I also received some postcards from the campaign. They are once again of a very high quality and they come with an interesting advertisement in the pack. There is an advertisement for a website called Cosplay Collector Cards. They create business cards for Cosplayers in whatever costume they want to showcase, along with information the cosplayer wants displayed. It came with a code, but I’d best not share that around the place – Since it was an exclusive code.


The pack of cosplayer postcards found within

Overall then, I’m impressed with the professional quality of the calendar and the cards. Okay, I was a little bit disappointed with how late in January it arrived, however considering I’m getting 16 months worth of calendar, there are many months ahead of me. Plus, I’ve already started to highlight important dates for my Cosplaying calendar on it… Dates such as London Anime & Gaming Convention which is coming up February 7th and 8th. Will you be there?

What do you think of the calendar? Have you ever had a cosplay calendar before? As always, please leave your comments below and we’ll see you around next time for another Kickstarter Reflection, where we look back at a Kickstarter Highlight that was successful and is fully completed.


2 responses

  1. Hi, thank you so much for the review! :) I am the one who put together the Kickstarter, and I totally agree with your frustrations on the delay – I take full responsibility with that. I broke down some of the complications that came up in the backer updates, and I’m really glad it’s out in the wild right now! :) Thank you again for this post.


    January 28, 2015 at 3:14 pm

    • Hey thanks for getting in touch! Don’t worry about the delay :) for what we got for the price, as well as the great quality pictures, I am beyond happy. I wonder if everyone has received theirs yet..?

      Thanks for making the campaign and very successfully delivering on your promises :) I am slowly going through the campaigns I backed last year, but this was recent and felt it deserved to be shared! The packaging was spot on too


      January 28, 2015 at 6:08 pm

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