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Dragon Ball in 2015


I truly believe that Dragon Ball is one of those franchises that has helped to change the scene. Think about it for a moment; you’ve got the original Dragon Ball which, although popular, was really just the way the franchise begun. Then you had the immensely popular Dragon Ball Z, which if you were a 90s baby, you’d likely have grown up watching Dragon Ball as a teenager. At least this is what I did… Hmm.

In 2015 however, Dragon Ball seems to be making another one of its strong come backs. Every couple of years, it seems like the Dragon Ball team get back together and get on with producing something truly noteworthy. The last brilliant Dragon Ball film was aired only back in 2013, which was known as Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. Next on our list of films is: Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F. Honestly, I am looking forward to this so much and it should bring back a wave of nostalgic fans from the times I was watching the series of Dragon Ball Z. Does anyone remember the Frieza Saga? If you enjoyed said saga, then you’ll enjoy Revival of F. This film is set to come out in Japan in April 2015, so let’s watch out for when we can get a subbed version!

This is a kind of continuation from Battle of Gods, showing off the ever evolving multi-verse of the Dragon Ball franchise. It seems like the spark of Revival of F however is also the start of a continuation of the Dragon Ball Z manga, which looks to explore the Revival of F film. This would bring together the multi-verse in such a big way, that honestly, I’m thinking of picking up the manga if they come to light.

But that’s not the only thing the Dragon Ball team are working on right now. Me and Kevin are both excited beyond belief for what’s potentially going to be one of the best damned anime games to come out this year: Dragon Ball XenoVerse. It’s going to be available on the PS3 and PS4, the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One as well as Microsoft Windows via Steam. With all this in mind, what’s so impressive about XenoVerse as opposed to previous Dragon Ball games?

Credit: Giantbomb

Credit: Giant Bomb

Dragon Ball XenoVerse is going to feature fully destructible 3D environments, allowing you to explore vast and expansive areas both on foot and in the sky. Finally, people can have their own piece of the Dragon Ball universe by creating their very own fighters of various races including: Saiyans, Namekians, Earthlings, Majins and Frieza’s race (Seriously, what is that even called..?) This is only the third Dragon Ball game to allow this, but one of the previous ones was the ill-fated Dragon Ball Online.

Unlike previous games, there’ll be a brand new story which has been designed from the ground up for Dragon Ball XenoVerse. Basically the idea of this game is that the time line is currently a bit messed up and it’s up to the hero (a player created character) to fix the broken time line. So rest assured; there’s going to be a lot of fighting and a lot of awesome fight sequences.

Credit: GameSpot

Credit: GameSpot

If you’re looking to get your hands on this game, it’s set to come out in Japan on February 5th, North America on February 24th and Europe on February 27th so we’re really close to getting this awesome fighting game now. On top of that, it’ll be release world wide on Microsoft Windows via the Steam platform on February 27th.

The Dragon Ball games have always hit home with the fighting genre, so I’m really excited to see this iteration come to the Steam Store. Have you been looking into getting XenoVerse too? Did you grow up watching the Dragon Ball anime or reading the manga? Let us know your thoughts of the upcoming Dragon Ball film and Dragon Ball video game in the comments below.


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