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The Future!

We all know that this is the “Back to the Future 2 year” and we’re all annoyed at the general lack of hoverboards. Now, there are some very smart people working on actual hover-tech using the hoverboard as the primary focus, but let’s actually look at what our immediate future looks like:

The Future is Awesome

I recently discovered this thing:

How cool is that? I get so annoyed at being jabbed in the face by short people waving umbrellas around. I’d want one of these, and even if I didn’t have one I’d be way happier being hit with slightly more rain than a metal spoke when I pass someone on a wet day.

Currently this is a heavy item that can’t be used for very long at any time, but the Kickstarter made ten times what was requested, if they can’t shrink that down and extend the battery life a little with that much more money in pocket then they’re clearly doing something wrong. There’s scope for using these to create “warded areas” in the same way you would a parasol or gazebo, a little cost-intensive maybe, but really cool!

My biggest problem with umbrellas is having to hold one, not having that hand free to do other things like check the internet, and having that arm up constantly starts to get a little exhausting. Maybe that’s lazy, picky, whatever, that’s me, and I may have a solution…

airdogKitesPersonal drones are a thing now! I think it’s a little vain and pointless that the first use we’ve used them for is selfies, but that’s the beginning of some potentially very cool stuff. Camera drones have some terrifying connotations but for personal use, and media use they can let us record things like sports that require concentration, and more to the point, both hands. Climbing, windsurfing, whatever you’re up to, it’d be so much easier to have a drone programmed to follow and record rather than a second person. A trained cameraman would create a better video, but he/she would also be bigger, and may not be that big into windsurfing.

Bringing me to my idea: Air umbrella drones! It would just hover above your head, following you around keeping you dry and happy! If that gets invented now, you saw it here first. Any engineers reading this? I want my name in the credits.

Technology is ruling the world right now, and engineers, electricians, programmers and other very clever and very skilled people are carving a niche for themselves. One of the biggest leaps forward for innovators is the flourishing 3D printer industry. Prototypes can be created cheaply and effectively, no need for moulds or unnecessary wastage, straight from virtual to physical model, and success or failure can be determined that much faster.

The latter half of this decade will see the creation of a lot of very cool stuff with some very practical benefits, and hover-tech may well see a revolution in haulage and transportation one day soon. We have virtual reality, telepathic technology, self-driving cars, and for some time now we’ve been able to send instant messages to people across the world on a whim from wherever the hells we like.

We may not have landed on Mars yet, hoverboards may be a screechy mess that require specialist tracks to be able to move, and holograms, lightsabers and digistruction aren’t things. But suck it up people! We live in the future now! And it’s awesome.



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