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Kickstarter Reflection – mBuino

Welcome to the first in a series of posts about Kickstarter Campaigns that have come and gone… And have been a roaring success!

There have been quite a few cases where not only did the Kickstarter Campaign finish successfully, but I received the products through the post too. Here’s a little bit of detail of what I received from backing these products, as well as a quick update as to how well the campaign did.

The mBuino

Today, I’ll be looking back at the mBuino, a teeny tiny mBed-compatible key-chain circuit. Sheesh, that’s quite a mouthful isn’t it?

So what is mBed first of all? It’s a platform that allows you to program different circuit boards like the mBuino. Because of how small the mBuino is, what can we do with it exactly? Quite a bit, actually.

The product arrived in a wonderfully packed package and it was so small – Even though they said it was small, I didn’t expect it to be as small as it was. In fact, I had completely forgotten I backed the campaign when this tiny little package arrived. I had to think about what it was for a second, but thankfully it’s got “mBuino 1.5” written on the circuit board itself. Helpful if you’re a forgetful person like me! The one above shows mBuino 1.3, but the model backers received was the 1.5.

How successful was the campaign?

The campaign was requesting $2,000 which was met with a massive response! 485 people backed this project and out of that $2,000 request, they received $10,957.

With the funding, they have not only successfully gotten the mBuino out to all of their backers but were able to prove the concept and get their website Outrageous Circuits off the ground.

They have seen people sharing their creations online and they’re on their way to making more products, all available from their website. Everything works smoothly and connecting my mBuino has been really easy. A true sign of a flawless user experience.

When you first plug in your mBuino, it has a set sequence on the built in LED lights.

When you first plug in your mBuino, it has a set sequence on the built in LED lights.

You can hook this little device up to a battery, which can power the keychain wherever you are, meaning you can have your very own custom lit keychain. It’s quite fun playing around with it and attaching batteries to it, just to see what you can do.

I’m very happy with this backing, as the company who worked on the product clearly knew how to make a great quality circuit. Join me again soon for another look back at a product I’ve received from Kickstarter!

Now… do I get myself a USB Prank… and then do I go and install one of these inside of Joel’s machine one day? Hmm…


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