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Next Cosplay Project – Apollo Justice

As part of my continued quest in attending conventions across the UK, next year I shall be making a good number of new Cosplay costumes. Now that Christmas has come and gone, it’s time to look to the future for our next lots of costumes and what I will need for them. How shocking that Christmas is over so fast, eh? All of that build up. We’ve even left the decorations up on the front page!

The first in my projects is to do a costume from the Ace Attorney series. I figured that much like I did with my Edward Elric costume, I would document what I’ve been doing for this new project. So, let’s begin by discussing the character.


Apollo Justice was first introduced to fans of Ace Attorney during the fourth instalment where he is the titular character. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney sees Apollo have to go head to head against Prosecutor Klavier Gavin, who is not only a prosecutor, but a world-renowned rock star! Klavier is one of the strangest of the prosecutors in the Ace Attorney series as he’s often not trying to just go against Apollo, but instead trying to help him uncover the facts behind a case. Klavier seems unaffected by the dark age of the law, which is great news for our young defence lawyer!

But, Apollo must find out for himself what it means to defend a client and he learned from Kristoph Gavin who isn’t quite all that he seems. Still, with all this in mind – Phoenix offered Apollo a job with the Wright Anything Agency and the rest is, as they say, history.


Apollo is a great character who is optimistic, yet his mantra is rather believable. With his trademark catchphrase “I’m fine!” along with the lines you would expect from Phoenix Wright such as Objection! Take that! and Hold it!, Apollo is a great addition to the defence lawyer team. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney was first released and was the first in the series to be released on the Nintendo DS platform, having been built from the ground up. Phew, we now know a bit about Apollo and the game – But what do I need to do for the costume?

First of all, for this Christmas I managed to get a much needed missing piece of the puzzle to making this costume. For those who have been following my misadventures here on GeekOut South-West, you’ll realise that although I’ve been able to sew things together in the past, it’s not really been up to scratch. My skills with hand sewing are below average. So, what’s the must have for those who want to have a professional stitch, but don’t want to spend years practising their hand-sewing techniques? Simple – A sewing machine!

Yep, this is my sewing machine.

This is my sewing machine. Yep, that is beer behind it. Don’t judge me… It was Christmas day.

For this costume, I require a suit. Now I could just go out and buy a full suit, but let’s be honest: That’s not going to be cheap and those who know me from this website will be fully aware that I like a challenge, even if it’s out of my league at the moment. I will nearly always end up with an end product! Nearly. So, with this in mind, I will be sewing together my suit.

Before we begin with the suit however, there’s a bigger issue at hand: Which version of Apollo do I use? SPOILER ALERTS: If you’ve not played Dual Destinies and intend to, the picture below is a kind of spoiler about the game… Be warned.


The first thing you might notice about these art pieces… They are very similar. This is important as you’ll notice his suit doesn’t change. This means the design on the first suit is the “canon” design. When taking notes about a costume, always take as many pieces of official (and fan) art as you can. Below is my collage of the art I’ve taken for this costume in the making. You can see the types of things I’ve focused on: The suit, the bracelet and the head.

The head is important as I need to consider if I want to use my real hair for this costume. My hair gets pretty long quite quickly, meaning I could easily pull off the hair style. Currently, my hair is long enough to do the hairstyle shown above with a bit of gel or wax. Thankfully, I also have brown eyes meaning that hair and eye colours do not need to be tampered with! No more failed attempts at contact lenses! Speaking of that, I will be going to my opticians soon so I can discuss contact lenses with them for future costumes, so perhaps watch this space on that front. In the mean time, I will need to consider if I want to use my real hair or a wig.

Apollo Justice Collage

Whilst looking through these designs, I decided to look up other people who had done an Apollo Justice costume. There have been a great plethora of people who have done this awesome character, so you can see a few of them in my collage. I hope they do not mind being featured in my little collage! I like to get as many pictures as possible and you’ll hear of many other Cosplayers doing the same: Get as many resources as you can, be it official art or fan art, yes; even fellow Cosplayers. You never know where you’ll draw your influences from. Speaking of which, what about the bracelet?

The bracelet I figured I could use many different materials for: I could use my old favourite thermoplastic. I could use foam. I could use leather, or I could use a combination of all of these. Perhaps epoxy putty? Cardboard? What should I use? There is a tutorial on Cosplay Tutorial, in fact the very first in their tutorial list is for this exact bracelet. It uses cardboard, which looks phenomenal so I know I have a step-by-step backup plan for this bracelet. I think I will use my remaining Worbla and pad the bottom with something soft, such as foam or pleather.


I’ll have progress on this costume in January, so stay tuned and I’ll show you where I’m at! Hopefully I’ll at least have the bracelet ready, if not another part of the costume. Another question: How am I going to make a blue tie? Only time will tell, especially since currently: I am pretty lousy at doing a tie up.

What do you think about the process behind starting a new costume? What idea would you have for a costume? Share them with us, perhaps we could brainstorm how you could get a costume sorted (for cheap!) Join us again soon folks and I’ll hopefully have some updates for you all!


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