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The Week In Geek – 01/12/14

This week has been a bit of a mixed bag for news… On the one hand we had one very sad bit of news, but on the other hand we got something delicious flying through the air in hopes to land on your plate in an edible way… Welcome back to The Week In Geek.

The Week In Geek

Ralph Baer, the father of video games has passed


I figured it was only fitting for this to be the first bit of news on this weeks article. Ralph Baer was known as the father of video games and for good reason: He is the guy who basically invented the household console. Without Ralph Baer, you know that shiny Xbox One or PlayStation 4 in front of you? You probably wouldn’t have one there. Ralph Baer was the developer behind the legendary Magnavox Odyssey, the first popular console.

As such, this really did make Ralph Baer the father of video games and unfortunately on December 6th, Ralph passed away in his home in Manchester, New Hampshire. Thank you for everything you’ve done Ralph – It’s because of men like you that I want to do what I can for the games industry in my own ways, be it via blogging or even developing something.

Mid-season finales

I do not, nor will I ever fully comprehend why American television series insist on coming to a grinding halt for months in the middle of a series. Worst of all it gives them a chance to leave you suspended on a nasty little cliff-hanger over Christmas, I don’t have to want to deal with that! But we’ve got a few mid-season finales coming up this week, and I have to say there are a few in particular that I am looking forward to.

Flash and Arrow have just concluded a couple of rather nice crossover episodes, completing the handing of the baton from original to spin-off, and I was actually a little impressed that it wasn’t all that forced and corny, even with Captain Boomerang as a major villain. Flash promises a major plot-reveal this week, and Arrow is playing it fairly close to the chest but still bodes rather well.

Mostly I’ll be looking forward to the conclusion of the first half of Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D season 2. It’s all coming together elegantly for that show, and if you already got annoyed at it in season 1 then you were a fool for not believing in the Whedon touch, as the companion to the cinematic universe is tying together elements of Marvel Lore into an increasingly interesting story.

Maybe Christmas T.V is awful to encourage us to talk to our families and friends. Either way, make the most of this week’s geek T.V!

Stop loafing around…

Occasionally, a game gets noticed by many YouTube Let’s Players which makes us all turn our heads in both shock and amusement. That game has now shifted away from Five Nights At Freddy’s and now we are moving onto a far more serious game about the hardships of life, of a journey and of the sacrifices one must make.

I am Bread is a brand new game created by the developers of Surgeon Simulator, Bossa studios. It is currently on the Steam Early Access channel where it costs £5.94 currently. It’s available for both Windows and Mac. So if you want to know what it’s like to be a slice of bread who wants nothing more than to get over to the toaster, get toasted and get on your plate, then this is the game for you. What is wrong with the gaming world!? I’ll gladly play a game like this though, as it looks hillarious.

That’s it for this Week in Geek! If you know of anything happening that you think should get a small piece on this site, let us know! Drop us an e-mail or even use the contact form below. If you don’t want your name to be featured or if you want some information to be displayed should your news make it in, then please let us know what you want and we’ll accredit you as expected!


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