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Top 10 inanimate objects in gaming

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As we play through some games, we notice that we get distracted by things that probably shouldn’t distract us. I mean let’s face it; how many times have you been playing a game when suddenly you see a stick and you can’t help but wonder what you can do with said stick?

Or how about that really useless medallion that you are sure has a use in the game? How about a game within a game!? Inanimate objects within gaming can make us feel more emotions than we might think. So buckle up as we explore some of our favourite inanimate objects in gaming.



Top 10

10) Top Hat – Monopoly


“I want to be the thimble”. “I want to be the iron”. “I want to be the top hat, because I’m classy”. Yes, I think we all argued when playing a game of Monopoly as to who gets to play as what piece. The dog or the top hat were always my choices because who on earth would want to be a Thimble or an Iron!?

I don’t know, but some people really liked those pieces. Some people even argued that the Thimble was actually practical in the real world, but hey: That top hat is too. It could be the tiniest real life top hat to wear out and about to show how classy you are!


9) Camera Monitoring Device – Five Nights at Freddy’s


An all around terrifying experience, Five Nights at Freddy’s pits you in this place (called Freddy’s) where you have to survive for five nights. Huh, fancy that. However one thing really made this game stand out for me.

It’s a horror game where you are stuck to your security control room and all you have to see what’s going on is this camera device and some doors. The camera device are your eyes and ears for what’s going on around you – and yes, it truly is a harrowing experience.


8) Attorneys Badge – Phoenix Wright


“This is my attorneys badge”, Phoenix reminds himself and everyone around him regularly that he is actually an attorney and he’s not just some crazy man who’s asking them some crazy questions whenever he can.

Phoenix Wright is a defense attorney, but sometimes it’s impossible to tell people that without solid proof. Some people actually need to see your badge in order to help you out, whereas others think you’re a bit wacky for showing it to them. Either way, Phoenix is always wacky to me!


7) The trap – Mousetrap


When you were a kid, how often did you get to play Mousetrap? If you did, you’d have had hours of fun building this crazy mouse trap made up of many different inanimate objects. From a ball, a diver, some planks, a crank, a marble, a boot and even the cage itself, playing this game was hours of amusement.

Heck, it was even better when you set everything up, a mouse lands on the “Trap” square and then bang – The trap itself fails. Why? Oh you could mock the person who messed up but in all honestly, that only ever happened once and I think that’s a good way to lose friends.

… Don’t mock Mousetrap players.


6) Consoles – Pokemon

This is an odd choice of inanimate objects but I always remembered these in every Pokemon game. I think everyone who has played several iterations of Pokemon games have interacted with these in-game consoles just for a line of dialogue that might read like: “AshKetchum played with the SNES. Well that was fun, time to get going.”

I mean, these are clear product placements – But you can’t help but love Nintendo and indeed the Pokemon Company for it. It’s a little reference to the real world which helps to compel you to the idea that Pokemon are real damn it and they need us, their trainers, to look after them and to train them. After all, there are a lot of Pokemon out there in the world to be caught. Gotta catch ’em all, after I 420NOSCOPE you on Call of Duty first.


5) The Rock – Rock of Ages

The smiling rolling stone of doom and gate-smashing. Rock of Ages is a fantastic blend of tower-defence and tower smasher, but the over-the-[lack of]-shoulder camera perspective turns your primary weapon into a bizarre protagonist more memorable than whozits that you’re actually supposed to be playing.

As the rock rolls you have limited control over its’ movement, but you can add skins and upgrades to the Rock that make it uniquely yours. Slap on a troll face, set it’s grin ablaze then get rolling!


4) The Ball – The Ball

A ball and a man’s journey through life with his ball. No really, that’s basically The Ball which is a fantastic indie puzzler adventure game made by the same guys who make my all time favourite horror game, Killing Floor.

Tripwire Entertainment made you feel connected to that ball in a way you couldn’t think possible – But it’s simply because it’s a ball. You want to move it, you want to play with it and most of all you want it to help you out of some tight spots. Nice work, ball!


3) Can – Half life 2

“Hey you…”

An innocuous little “teaching moment” at the start of Half life 2 underscored the totalitarian and militaristic world of Valve’s creation. A faceless Combine soldier demands that you pick up a drinks can and throw it in the bin nearby, a simple task that he created for us by kindly knocking it to the floor for you. This small incident has become one of the game’s most iconic moments.

If any one of you says that you did not throw it at the Combine’s stupid head then you are a liar with stun-stick burns, we all did it, and we all heard that arrogant little chuckle as he walks away, satisfied with a power-trip well done.

2) Ten Foot Pole – Dungeons & Dragons

We need this. That’s why it comes as standard in the adventurers kit, along with food, a water skin, a bed roll, rope, flint and tinder. The ten-foot-pole is one of the most improbably practical objects that everyone carries everywhere they go, without questioning how they’re going around with this thing that mysteriously fits through every tight corner, low ceilinged chamber, and how you can hide behind a four foot crate with a ten foot pole on your back.

The trap finder! The thing poker! The impromptu bridge, tent pole and occasional weapon. Ten feet of wood was never so handy…. no shut up, it’s not a euphemism! We need this! For reasons!


1) Weighted Companion Cube – Portal

No inanimate object has ever been more iconic than your loving companion who definitely will not stab you in your sleep, the weighted companion cube. A standard Aperture-Science storage cube with a heart replacing the Aperture logo features heavily in the artwork and poetry of former test-subjects, scrawled upon the walls in every corner where GLaDOS cannot cast her endless eyes.

The source of countless memes and fan projects, the companion cube became the most beloved block to take wing on the internet. And it’s not dead. Never forget it. The cube lives!


Honorary Mentions

Once again in our honorary mentions section, we’ve accidentally got two things from two different games which are basically exactly the same thing. Kind of. We have even named them the same. At least it’s not “Everything” this time… Oh good grief wait a minute…

Stuff – Katamari

So if you’ve never heard of Katamari or played the game, then basically the premise is this: You are a little guy who’s rolling around a little ball. Things get stuck to your little ball and you will slowly but surely get a bigger ball because of this.

Everything builds up and makes that ball bigger and bigger until it spirals out of control and oh my gosh now you’ve got a ball the size of a city! You just gotta keep on rolling to win in this game and yes: Size truly does matter! Everything sticks to this ball eventually. If only you could get the whole map itself stuck to the ball, now that would make me laugh!


Stuff – Little Inferno

First Catalogue

Yes, everything you buy in Little Inferno is actually for use in the game as something to be thrown into a fireplace. Whilst that’s not the best use of your money, it certainly did keep us entertained when we played through Little Inferno.

I especially loved popcorn. Incidentally if any popcorn companies are looking at this, please do sponsor us with popcorn. We’d love that.




Sometimes once we’ve played a game, we remember more than just the characters. Those inanimate objects that we’ve mentioned above have sure shown us that. Sure, some of them might be a bit more obscure, but heck – We loved them and we wanted to share them with you all.

Do you remember any inanimate objects in gaming that really made you go “that’s cool”? What do you think of our list above, would you add or change anything within the list? As always, please do comment and give us a like if you liked this post! Until our next Top 10 article, take it easy!


6 responses

  1. A couple of suggestions from me (and you know exactly which games I’m going to pick!): the rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle from Monkey Island, and the rubber ducky from The Longest Journey. ;) – Kim


    August 19, 2014 at 12:41 pm

    • Oh god, rubber duckys and me right now dont sit! I joined in the Anime League radio on Sunday – a rubber ducky invaded and we couldnt escape its squeaking!


      August 19, 2014 at 12:44 pm

      • Excellent – I now know what I’m bringing to Bristol with me in October!!


        August 20, 2014 at 6:22 am

      • The duckpocalypse should be over by then :P (See Alcon.)


        August 20, 2014 at 7:50 am

  2. I’m not much of a gamer these days, but portal is great! Love the companion cube!


    August 19, 2014 at 4:48 pm

    • Portal is indeed a brilliant game! Both Portal and Portal 2, this is :) it had a major cultural impact to gamers hence it won our top spot!

      Liked by 1 person

      August 19, 2014 at 4:53 pm

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