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Kickstarter Highlight – mBuino, a programmable mbed keychain

Do you like microcontrollers?

Do you like to do some programming?

Do you like programming on microcontrollers?

Welcome back readers to another awesome edition of what’s out there, Kickstarter Highlight!


mBuino, a programmable mbed keychain

What is it?

I will be honest with you all – I backed this on a whim alone, however I can see the fun that can be had with this.

I’ve dabbled with some programming before and although I’m not exactly any good at it, I can make some very basic stuff indeed which is always fun! So sometimes I get a little bit geeky about technology and programming languages.

Something I’ve wanted for some time, which I’ll be investing in probably after ALCon, is an Arduino.

What we have here however, is an mBuino, a programmable keychain.

Whilst you can’t play the latest games on an mBuino, I figure there are a lot of uses, as it sports a 50Mhz processor which is not too shabby for its size! Plus, I really like keychains. I suppose I’ve never shown you all my Mega man keychain. I’m very proud of that, but that’s a story for another day.

To be honest, I also want them funky keys now.

How much and what do they need the money for?

They are seeking a mere $2,000 which really isn’t very much at all. In fact they are already over half way there!

The money will be used to build the mBuino and (hopefully for them) make a tiny profit in the mean time to help fund their next projects, of which most of these projects will be featured on their new website: Outrageous Circuits.

It’s simple really, these units are inexpensive. I know me: I’ll have a few hours of fun with it, shove an application of some kind onto it (or make it the funkiest looking flashing keychain imaginable) and away I go. For just a bit over £10, I will be happy with this!


Ooh, lovely code and with no install makes this even lighter!

What are the rewards?

This might be the shortest reward section I’ve ever put up on here. At the time of writing -all- of the Early Bird offers are gone.

As such, this is all of the remaining tiers:

Pledge $9 or more

Includes one populated and tested mBuino, one raw un-populated mBuino board and little chain.

Estimated delivery: Aug 2014
Add $10 USD to ship outside the US

Yes, that’s the whole tier list. For $19 (for us non-US folk), you get an mBuino. Awesome!

Whilst I could focus on getting a full sized Arduino, I figured that this would be a nice first step for someone to get into using a microcontroller. Plus, their IDE looks pretty nice too, you should check it out. Even non-programmers should check this out, as you may learn a thing or two about computers in the process!

What did you all think of the mBuino? I really like simple projects like this and the fact it’s another darn cool keychain for me is a huge bonus.

Join us again next week for another awesome Kickstarter Highlight!


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